Living Room Furniture


Our collection of contemporary armchairs offers a range of styles and designs to suit any taste. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or something more classic and traditional, we have the perfect luxury armchair for you.

Bean Bags

Angela Reed understands the importance of both comfort and style when it comes to your home decor, especially the bean bags, they can make or break a room.

Bookcases and Shelves

Contemporary bookcases and shelving units allow you to organise your books or other items with a place to live within your home, this can also be used to showcase items to visitors.

Coffee Table

Imagine a centre piece that acts as a conversation starter while you have guests round or while you're enjoying your morning coffee

Console Tables

Using the correct high end console table can make a major difference in the style of the room.

Lamp Tables

Our luxury lamp tables were created with an awesome style in mind which is only available at Angela Reed.

Ocacsional Chairs

Each chair in our collection is crafted with the highest-quality materials and a crazy amount of attention to detail, making sure that you receive a long-lasting contemporary occasional chair that will bring joy for years to come.


Elevate every room in your home with stylish and on-trend cabinets and sideboards from a company with over 140 years of experience.


We have spent years building up relationships with trusted suppliers, mostly made in the UK to offer you a selection of contemporary and stylish sofas.


Our range of stools add that touch of inspiration to your space, from quirky to contemporary.

TV Units

Contemporary and luxury TV units offer awesome and stylish designs to fit within your modern interior, improving the overall look to your living room or area.

Contemporary Living Room Decor

Looking to update your living room decor with a contemporary touch? Check out our collection of contemporary living room decorations available at our store Angela Reed. All of our products and decorations are built with amazing designs and high-quality materials, so you can easily transform your living room into your dream living area for family, friends, and guests to enjoy. From luxury sofas to super nice quality coffee tables that could easily withstand the test of time, at our store there are items to brighten up your living room from the smallest to the biggest decorations.

Contemporary Living Room Sets

If you're attempting to completely improve your living room or just add a few new pieces, Angela Reed has everything you need to create the perfect contemporary living room. With a focus on pretty items and luxury products, these products will bring a fresh and modern look to your home. Browse the collection today and start imagining your dream living space.