For over 140 years, Angela Reed has been sourcing exquisite light strings to illuminate homes with a touch of magic. Our quality fairy lights, string lights, and chain lights are handcrafted in small batches using the finest materials to provide years of dependable illumination for your decorating needs. Each set is designed with care and infused with the inspiration we have gained over generations of family ownership.

We believe that lighting your home with our creations will uplift your spirits and fill your space with warmth. Whether you choose our contemporary multi-light strings, classic white fairy lights, or vintage-style chain lights, you will be adding a touch of warmth that will inspire you each time you walk through the front door.

The light strings we create are meant to last, using durable wire and connections to illuminate your home for years to come. We hope our lights help provide a moment of calm at the end of a long day or become the backdrop for creating treasured memories with your loved ones. Our goal is to elevate your home decor through timeless designs that establish an atmosphere of peace and joy with a soft glow.