Contemporary Kitchen Product Collection


Our selection of contemporary aprons includes a wide range of styles, from classic patterns to slightly more modern designs. Our aprons not only protect your clothes while you cook, but also inspire you in the kitchen.

Cake Stands

Turn your desserts into works of art with our contemporary collection of cake stands. Made from premium materials such as wood, glass, and marble, our cake stands are both luxurious and durable, perfect for any occasion.


Our range of cookware is sourced from around the world and is made with top-notch materials to ensure durability and performance.

Kitchen Accessories

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen accessories? Look no further than our collection of contemporary kitchen accessories.


Whether you’re looking for classic and timeless glasses or something with a contemporary twist, you’ll find it here.


Choose from our extensive selection of modern water jugs, including sturdy earthenware milk jugs, stoneware pitchers for juice or wine, sleek glass carafes, and porcelain creamers and sugar bowls.


If you have a more modern and contemporary taste, our range of mugs with sleek patterns and bold designs will surely catch your eye.

Larder Units

Elevate your kitchen space with an inspirational, contemporary larder cupboard from a family business with over 140 years of experience.

Oven Gloves & Tea Towels

Keep your hands protected with high-quality oven gloves! If you’re looking for reliable oven gloves, we have what you need. From contemporary designs to classic styles, with our range you’ll never go wrong.

Plates and Tableware

We understand that every meal is an opportunity to create a new memory filling dish, and our contemporary tableware is designed to set the perfect vibe for those special occasions.


With our quick and convenient next day delivery service, you can have your desired luxury serveware at your doorstep in no time.


Explore our extensive range and discover the perfect serving tray to improve your hosting game. With a variety of styles, materials, and sizes to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the ideal match for your needs.

Table Linen & Napkins

Our family business has been sourcing inspirational, high-quality table linens for over 140 years.

Contemporary Kitchen Products

If you're looking to update your kitchen with some contemporary products, look no further than Angela Reed's kitchen product collection. From top tier chef gadgets to super helpful decor items, this amazing selection has everything you need to give your kitchen a modern upgrade. Whether you're in need of new cookware, utensils, or appliances, you'll find high-quality products that are both useful and uniquely modern.

Kitchen Product Collection

Browse through Angela Reed's collection of contemporary kitchen products to find the perfect pieces to turn around your cooking experience. With a focus on quality and practicality, these products are sure to improve your kitchen space and make meal prep super easy. It's best to wave goodbye to outdated tools and accessories and say hello to more stylish and efficient kitchen products with Angela Reed's selection.