Bring warmth and fragrance into your home with our extensive collection of luxury candles. Whether you're looking to illuminate and scent your living room for a relaxing evening or dressing up your dining table for dinner with loved ones, we have options for every occasion. You can select from a variety of scents like lavender, vanilla or rose to gently waft throughout your space. Our candles are hand-poured with the finest fragrances and wicks to provide a clean, long-lasting burn.

Not only do they enhance the atmosphere of any room, but candles also make wonderful gifts. Surprise that special someone with a candle that matches their favourite aroma or style. We also offer candles which are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or housewarmings. As a family business, we take pride in selling candles with care using only the best ingredients.

Rather than harsh chemicals or dyes, our candles are coloured naturally and infused with essential oils for a long lasting scent. The glow from our soy and beeswax blends will warm your home while filling it with an inviting scent. Whether you need a cosy night in or want to set the mood for entertaining guests with dinner candles, browse our selections to find candles to illuminate and scent any home.