Utility Room

Bags and Shoulder Bags

Our bags are perfect for any style, whether you're looking for something stylish for everyday use or something trendy for a night out.

Coat Hooks

Organise your hallway with coat stands and hooks that add a touch of colour and personality to your home.


Browse our selection for some truly inspirational doormats that you won't find anywhere else.

Doorstops and Draught Excluders

No matter the look you prefer, our draught excluders and doorstops will keep out a chill and stop your doors banging. 


Complete your setup with a fireplace ring. Rings protect hearths from sparks and embers popping out onto the floor. Various designs are available to complement nearly any home's interior. Consider a classic black or brass finish.

Storage and Baskets

We have a stunning selection that are perfect for keeping your belongings tidy or simply displaying as a decorative accent.

Pet Accessories

Shop our extensive range of pet accessories today to make every day in your pet's life extra special.

Wheat Bags & Hot-water Bottles

We stock a selection of Hot Water Bottles, from traditional styles and shapes to fun child friendly versions.

Utility Room

Our utility room range is a selection of hand-picked products which have been designed to keep your utility room neat and tidy. Buy online now.