Nothing beats a cosy night by the fireside! Whether you're looking to curl up by the fire with a good book or spend quality time with loved ones, we've got everything you need to enjoy the perfect fireside evening. From log baskets to fireplace log rings, our extensive collection of fireside accessories has all the essentials to keep your fire well-tended.

Kick back and relax by the warmth of the flames with our selection of log baskets. Choose from wicker and rattan or cast iron styles - they'll keep kindling, logs and ashes neatly contained. For easy wood handling, fireplace pokers and tongs are a must-have. Reach for a poker to stir the embers or add another log to the blaze. Tongs allow you to place or remove logs from the fire without getting too close to the heat.

Complete your setup with a fireplace ring. Rings protect hearths from sparks and embers popping out onto the floor. Various designs are available to complement nearly any home's interior. Consider a classic black or brass finish.

With the right equipment from our fireside range, you'll be curled up in front of the fire in no time. Browse our extensive collection and gather everything needed for a perfect evening relaxing by the flames.