Kate Reed from Angela Reed

Kate Reed, Co-Owner Angela Reed

Finding the perfect coffee table can take more time and thought than you might first expect. 


Firstly, it needs to suit the aesthetic of the room where you want to place it. If it is for a living room, do you want it to serve as a side table for guests to pop a drink onto, or do you want it to act as a centrepiece that is both striking and functional? Coffee tables for family rooms also need a little more care. If you have young children (or teenage!), a glass top may not be your first choice.

Allow us to give you inspiration for the coffee table that will match your look, your home and your needs.

Reclaimed and Industrial

Placing a chunky reclaimed coffee table in the centre of your living room has the wow factor with eco-credentials. This style would suit an industrial apartment and would also look fabulous placed alongside more farmhouse sofas. Juxtaposing industrial with softer colours or materials is also a winning combination and will also show that you have a great eye for a centre piece and are not afraid to mix up your style. If you like to keep with one flavour of decor, styling it with a leather sofa will really enhance your living space. Choosing one of our Milan sofas or Milan chairs would be the perfect choice for this kind of aesthetic.


Our Manhattan Reclaimed Coffee Table is chunky, practical with gritty sophistication. with a signature central beam.

Antique Style

You don’t have to own lots of antiques to make this style work in your home. Choosing one or two pieces that are antique style, will bring a classic sophistication to your living space without you having to spend thousands at an auction house. If you opt for antique gold for your coffee table, this standalone piece can bring your whole room together. What is beautiful about this style is that it sits perfectly alongside many differing styles. Think soft pastel, in hues of pinks, naturals and greys. A cosy, deep sofa with lots of pale cushions will really make the table pop. Or, you can really go for it with luscious ostentation by choosing velvet snugglers and sofas in dark and royal colour ways.


Vienna Collection

Our Vienna collection of statement pieces offers a great deal of versatility when choosing a coffee table.

You can opt for the large, statement coffee table with an Atlas design or you can select the nest of side tables. The side tables have removable trays, so you also use it to serve guests with coffee, tea, or a freshly-made gin and tonic!

This style of sophisticated table is perfectly suited to a room that is designed with muted and pastel colours as it will really enhance the antique gold effect of the coffee table.

The Atlas Coffee Table features a beautiful hand-painted aged gold frame which means every piece is unique.

Glass Top Coffee Table

Flip open a home and decor magazine and you will quickly find a picture of a glass-top table – probably with some thoughtfully placed books, candles and a small vase of flowers. This is because they are a really good choice for almost all living rooms. If you have small children running around, this may not be the best choice for you, not least because you will spend all of your time wiping off little fingerprints. However, if your children are old enough to reintroduce beautiful pieces of furniture, then a glass top coffee table could be the one for you!

Choose from a square base so that you can curate your book choices for all to see underneath – perhaps a home decor book, or a large, hardback book about history! 

This is your chance to really show off who you are. Place a beautiful tray on top with a small bunch of flowers, some gorgeous-scented candles and perhaps even a tea-light holder or two, and you will pitch yourself as the ultimate in effortless style.

June 20, 2023 — David Reed