Every year there are resounding colours for the season. This year the Pantone was Magenta, but one of my favourite colours for this year that is definitely taking centre-stage is blue!

Kate Reed from Angela Reed

Kate Reed, Co-Owner Angela Reed

I know, blue comes into colour trends every year, but in a slightly different form. Sometimes it’s about depth and drama and other times it’s more subtle and calm. What makes blue a true contender for our homes year after year is that sense of tranquility. It is no accident that we relax near the sea. There is something about that palette of natural sandy shades, with the crystal blue waters that really allows us to totally relax.

This year, however, the trend is most definitely for rich dark blues. The benefit of this is that it is timeless and versatile. You can factor this colour into any room in your home and it will work well. Where you can tailor your style for more sophistication or more tranquility is really from the material. By choosing velvets, you will inject instant sophistication, use candle holders and lamp shades, you will make it less dramatic and more comfortable.

Dramatic Blue Artwork

Artwork is a great way to add a touch of colour to any room, without having to totally change your decor. Here you get to add your personality, your hobbies and your passions to your room. Take advantage of the artwork opportunity!

Calming Blue Sofa


When working rich dark blues into your home, it is important to consider the accessories. If you choose wisely, it can really bring the whole room together and give it a stunning and cohesive look. Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and just thought ‘wow’? Yep? That’s clever accessory choices!

Making sure you have the right throw pillows to match your sofa is one way of doing this really well. You might choose a lighter blue sofa like our Tetrad Ruffle sofa, but then add some more sumptuous, decadent pillows to really finish it off.

Blue Home Accessories

In a living room, an obvious way to introduce blue to your home decor is with lamps and lighting. Make sure you have a pair of lamps for the most stylish of looks. Selecting a blue lamp that has a light-coloured shade also means that it doesnt need to be too imposing and it will also work well with a plethora of other colours that may already be in your living room. A more natural coloured sofa would sit perfectly with a blue lamp, for example.




Interesting Blue Kitchen & Dining Accessories

Having a matching collection of glassware is always a wonderful luxury. Make yours blue, with beautiful blue hobnail. You can serve all your favourite fruit-infused waters as well as Pimms in the summer! Place this on a white tablecloth or outside on the garden table and it will stand out with classy sophistication.

Finally, select accessories that are interesting. They can then sit just as well on their own as they would with other objects around them. A blue vase for instance, works beautifully in a bathroom, but also can look great in the living room or kitchen. You don’t always have to pop flowers in them either. Let the piece do the talking.