Cake bauble on tree

by Kate Reed, Co-owner Angela Reed

If you are looking for inspiration for making your Christmas Tree more stunning than previous years, look no further. Angela Reed's Product and Creative Manager, Hannah Diaz, is here with her top tips for making your Christmas Tree even more magical this year.

Our perfect Christmas Tree at Angela Reed is, of course, one that is adorned with baubles, decorations and lights from the Angela Reed Christmas Shop

Everyone has their own style when it comes to decorating a Christmas Tree though and we understand that it's a very personal thing. Some like to ensure it all matches, others like an eclectic mix and others enjoy adapting it every year so that it has a very different look to the previous year.

If you are stuck for inspiration for your Christmas Tree though, take some time to read Hannah's tips for a really stunning tree that will look absolutely stunning wherever you place it.

Colour Co-ordination is Key

Personally, I really love a colour-coordinated tree or using decorations along a theme. When dressing trees in the shop, choosing a theme or colour combination helps to limit my choices and focus me on the job in hand. We have so many lovely decorations to choose from, it is always hard to know where to start, but it's best to choose your colour scheme first and then go from there. Silvers and whites are stunning together; obviously the traditional reds and greens, or gold and pinks. 


Use More Than Baubles

Adding foliage, either foraged or faux stems and/or garlands really does help to add a little something extra to a tree. The foliage can be positioned to fill out any bare areas on a real tree or to soften an artificial tree. It also helps to fill larger areas of the tree if you are short on decorations and your tree is bigger than you thought!


Never Enough Lights!

You can never have too many lights on a Christmas tree! Pushing lights deeper into the tree also helps to illuminate your decorations. This is particularly effective with the mirrored glitter ball decorations and any decoration covered in beads or glitter. Extra lights certainly help to make the decorations sparkle a little bit more 

Real or Faux Tree Makes No Difference

For me, the only difference to styling an artificial tree is it just takes a little bit longer, especially to ensure you have fluffed out all of the branches. Because of its uniformity, I also tend to add foliage in bunches to an artificial tree, this breaks the tree up a little and softens it too 

My Favourite Paper Decorations

Being slightly allergic to colour, I love the white paper decorations we have this year. Keeping it simple and adding the varying shapes and sizes of the paper decorations along with a pretty light chain I think would be a lovely way to decorate a Christmas tree.