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How It Works

Create a gift list with Angela Reed for any event and share it with your friends and family to get the gifts you would like. You can also track all purchases from the registry and thank gifters when you receive a gift.

  • 1Create a registry and fill out the required fields.
  • 2Add products to your gift registry by clicking the 'Add to Registry' button in any product page.
  • 3Share the registry link with your friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a wish list?

You can create a wish list by selecting ‘Add to wish list’ on a product page, or creating it from the Gift List Page. All you need is an online Angela Reed account.

How do I share a wish list & who can see it?

A wish list can be shared by email, text message or on social media. Only people with the link can view your list and you can switch sharing on and off when you wish.

How do I see who has sent a gift?

Family and friends can leave a name and a personalised message when they buy an item from your list. You'll be able to see this information with the order details when you view your list.

Do friends and family need an Angela Reed account to buy from a wish list?

No. Anyone can check out as a guest without a Angela Reed online account.

Can I put gift cards on my wish list?

Yes, absolutely

How do returns and exchanges work?

Our usual returns policy applies which you can see here. We recommend you request gifts are delivered directly to your address as the delivery note can be used as proof of purchase for any return or exchange.

Do you offer Gift Wrap?

Most products are available for gift wrap. Just occasionally items aren't practical for gift wrap which is why we've removed it. We do not wrap items on gift lists as standard.