Reclaimed Wood Office Furniture

Discover our collection of reclaimed wood desks, including home office desks and desk chairs. Elevate your workspace with our eco-friendly furniture.


Are you looking to give your office a contemporary unique, sustainable and eco-friendly look for your home office? Then you should consider our reclaimed wood office furniture! We offer a wide range of beautiful furniture crafted from repurposed wood that would otherwise be thrown away. Our furniture is not only stylish but also better for the environment.
Reclaimed wood has such character and history compared to new wood. Each piece tells its own story and adds personality to your workspace. We take wood salvaged from old structures and give it new life as office chairs, desks, filing cabinets and more. Our furniture is durable yet distinctive compared to the standard modern styles.

Being a smaller, family-run business, we focus on sustainability at every step. By reusing old growth wood that would rot in a landfill, we reduce waste production. Our eco-friendly practices help conserve natural resources for future generations too.

Whether you need individual pieces or a complete suite, we can accommodate your needs. Browse our selection of contemporary reclaimed wood office furniture online or visit our showrooms to find unique items perfect for your workspace. Sustainability, individuality and value - that's what we're all about. Give your office personality and character while helping the environment at Angela Reed.