Summer Dining at Angela Reed

Summer Dining

If you have a city garden with a small dining table or a country garden with a pergola or porch, there are few things as glorious as eating outdoors.

We think that's never been more true than right now; over the last few years, we have really come to appreciate our gardens as an extension of our living space as well a place to grow plants.


Summer is all about outdoor living, and we have the perfect pieces to make it unforgettable. Our business has been around for over 140 years, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with contemporary, quality products for their outdoor living plans. Our designs are inspirational and will add a touch of brilliance to your outdoor space this summer. Whether you’re looking for comfortable outdoor seating, airy parasols to provide shade, stylish dining sets for your family gatherings, or tasteful furniture ideas, we’ve got it all! Our experienced team offers personalised service, and we’re always here to help. Shop with us this summer and make your outdoor living plans come true!