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Kate Reed from Angela Reed

Kate Reed, Co-Owner Angela Reed

The summer is here and the sun is shining. Now is the time to get away, if even for just a few nights, to reset, recharge and have a fabulous few nights of relaxation.


It’s not always easy to know what to pack in your weekend bag, so we have a few handy tips to get you started.

Dressing Gown


Whether you are staying in a hotel or escaping to a cottage, packing a cool and comfy dressing gown is a must. They are perfect for covering up by the pool, sitting on the veranda for breakfast and lazily reading the Sunday newspapers.

Make up Bag

Don’t try and take everything that is in your make up bag at home on your weekend break, but decant your favourite items into a make up bag to keep you feeling fresh and glamorous while you are away. Ensuring you only have your top cosmetic pieces ready for candle lit dinners and alfresco breakfast.

Choose a matching  wash bag to pair with your make up bag for a real holiday treat. It will look fabulous in the bathroom or on your dressing table, but will also offer that added bit of luxury. Be sure to pop your toothbrush, soap and a bath oil for the ultimate in bathroom routines.



It is always a good idea to pack your own soap, especially if you are not staying in a hotel. You can’t always guarantee there will be some and you can ensure that you have it with you, whether you are heading through airport facilities or a pit-stop cafe. Finding something that smells glorious will always uplift you as you travel too.

Eye Mask


Whether you are travelling on a plane, train or in a car, sometimes you just need to have a snooze. Choosing a cool and comfortable eye mask is the perfect accessory for travel. Just pop it on and retain all the glamour whilst you sleep.

Jute Travel Bags


What is a weekend away without a spot of shopping. Grabbing one of our fabulous Jute bags that are eco-friendly and super stylish jute bags is the perfect way to treat yourself to some special trinkets from your weekend escape.


July 24, 2023 — Kate Reed