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Kate Reed from Angela Reed

Kate Reed, Co-Owner Angela Reed

Discover beautiful ways to create the perfect style and ambience in your home.

Never has there been such diversity in interior trends than in 2024. There is a freedom and breadth to interior trends that makes almost anything go! 


There are however some key features that are shouting more loudly than the others in this interior space and we take a closer look at how you can achieve some of these looks without overhauling your home.

Quiet Luxury

You may have heard this term ‘quiet luxury’ more often in fashion. There has been much made of the outfits in the hit TV show Succession that has really been a great marker for fashion. Think neutral palettes, sophistication and glamour but without any bling. There is nothing flashy about this trend, but it certainly oozes sophistication.


How can you translate this into your home then? Well, think dark woods (finally making a resurgence), luxurious, soft textures and traditional shaped furniture.


The interest in “latte dressing” also appears in interiors too, with “latte decorating”. Think warm, rich shades of brown, from creamy cappuccino to double espresso - it's warm, inviting and cosy.

Vintage Lighting

Vintage Lighting is making a real insurgence, adding interest and texture to our rooms. Think glass, smokey glass, brass and coppers.

You can add these over your kitchen workspaces or in a hallway or even in a bathroom, either side of a mirror.


Bold stripes have made a comeback. Think stripe-tiles in your bathrooms, cushions, wallpaper and even carpet.

It is a striking and bold trend that wont sit well with lots of people, but there is also a traditional feel to it that makes it an easier trend to digest in light blues and creams.

The benefit of this trend is that you don't have to wallpaper your living rooms to nod to it. You can introduce bedlinen and door mats in stripes instead.


This trend for all things marble has probably emerged from the Quiet Luxury trend. It is beautiful and yet not showy and can look so sophisticated.


Whilst you can integrate marble accessories into your home, this is a good, timeless way to create character with your furniture.

The greatest trend to emerge for 2024 is that of sustainability. Fast fashion has been kicked firmly out of the door and hand-made, one-off pieces have replaced them. Think older, vintage pieces, think hand-made, local pieces. Think pieces that are in your home for the long-haul!