Sofa in Living Room
Kate Reed from Angela Reed

Kate Reed, Co-Owner Angela Reed

As we head into another season, the heat of the summer begins to wane and we may feel that our mood is better reflected in slighting different tones in our living spaces, particularly our Living Rooms. Here is a quick run-down on easy and inexpensive ways you can transition with the season without spending lots of money.

Change Cushion Covers

Scatter cushions are a perfect way to add colour and interest to your room. You don't have to buy new ones every season either! Find cushion pads that are the right size for your sofa and get yourself a choice of fabrics that match your mood and the time of year or just buy cushion covers. For winter, think faux furs, whites and greys, whereas during summer think yellows and neon colours to really lift your mood.


Add a throw to match your cushions

There are so many beautiful throws to choose from. During summer, you really only want something cool, lightweight and that has either a coastal colour or a real pop of bright hues. For the colder months, you can really indulge in a wool throw or faux fur that will not only look sumptuous but will feel amazing too.



Switch up your Artwork

You don't have to spend lots of money to enjoy some stunning artwork. During the warmer months when you are thinking about travel and holidays, maybe choose a canvas that has a coastal vibe, or even think about some funky wall art to really reflect the mood. During winter, something dramatic and stormy can really change the feeling of the room.

Add interest to your coffee table


Placing an interesting and large book on your coffee table is always a great way to add interest, but also think about candles, a beautiful tray, a bowl or even a vase with flowers in. A vase that you can change flowers to suit the seasons will always be a welcome addition to your living room.

September 06, 2023 — Kate Reed